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A Great Band Beginning with B: Band of Horses


Band of Horses

Everything All The Time

Band of Horses were originally formed in Seattle in 1994 by Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke. Whilst opening shows in Seattle for Iron & Wine, they were spotted by the Sub Pop label and subsequently signed. Their debut album ‘Everything All The Time’ was released in March 2006. In July of that year, Mat Brooke left the band, and the band subsequently relocated to Ben Bridwell’s native South Carolina. They recorded their second album, ‘Cease to Begin’ in North Carolina and released it in October 2007 to very positive reviews.

Why do I like them?

One of the best things about writing a music blog is getting feedback. And one of the nicest types of feedback I get is recommendations from people about bands they think I might like. Band of Horses are a case in point. A month ago I’d never heard of them, to be honest. Then my brother mentioned that one of his friends who’s aware of the blog had asked if I liked BOH, and to make sure I checked them out.

I duly did so, and thanks to the wonders of Spotify listened to the two albums very frequently over the next couple of weeks. I’m very pleased to say that I was really impressed and enjoyed both immensely, and ‘Everything All The Time’ in particular.

More than anything I enjoyed the mellow mood of the songs and found them relaxing and uplifting. Easy to listen to, intelligent lyrics, great guitar playing – sometimes that’s all you need. In the midst of a stressful couple of weeks these albums provided me with a little oasis of calm which was much appreciated.

As much as I like label mates Fleet Foxes, I’d have to say that Band of Horses may just have the edge in the beardy indie folk arena, and they deserve similar success and recognition.

Best songs

  • Weed Party
  • Monsters
  • Our Swords
  • The Great Salt Lake
  • Is There A Ghost
  • No One’s Gonna Love You
  • The General Specific

You’ll probably like them if you’re partial to:

  • Fleet Foxes
  • Iron & Wine
  • Great Lake Swimmers
  • My Morning Jacket

In a nutshell:

Band of Beards creating a mellow mood in the midst of mayhem.

Band of Beards

Band of Beards

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