The author in the City Bakery New York, with hot chocolate and a grin

Gareth Cook in the City Bakery, New York, with hot chocolate and a grin

This is a blog about how life should sound. According to me, anyway.

My name is Gareth Cook. I’m a writer who loves music. I’m writing this blog about the music I love. It’s that simple.

I also write comic poetry, stand up comedy material and from time to time I think about starting to write my novel again, which currently runs to a page and a half.

I’m not especially musical myself. I’m a drummer – enough said. I just hit things. Specifically djembe and bongos. I have never progressed to drum kit, mainly because I would rather get on with my neighbours and I was never very good at the rub tummy whilst patting head routine. I have a burning ambition to learn how to play the tabla but it takes years to master, so I’m not sure when I’ll get round to it!

I’ll be writing about my favourite bands, songs, albums and why I like them, and occasionally explaining why I really don’t like certain others.

I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a rough guide:

Bands/Artists I love include:

  • The Hold Steady, Midlake, Interpol, Bright Eyes, Kings of Leon, Iron & Wine, Woodpigeon, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Belle & Sebastian, The Decemberists, The Broken Family Band, The Divine Comedy, Kate Rusby, Devendra Banhart, The Cave Singers, The Cocteau Twins, Arcade Fire, Beck, Echo & The Bunnymen, Great Lake Swimmers, The Leisure Society, Band of Horses, Kings of Convenience, Sigur Ros, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Mazzy Star, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Radiohead, Shawn Colvin, 10,000 Maniacs, Spoon, The Smiths, The Strokes, St Etienne, The Sundays, Talvin Singh, Tom Waits, TV on the Radio, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, The View, The Waterboys, Woodpigeon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yo La Tengo, The Young Knives, Zero 7.

Bands/Artists I avoid like the Plague include:

  • The Beatles, Dire Straits, Chris Rea, Huey Lewis & The News, Level 42, Bon Jovi, pretty much all soft rock, all manufactured pop bands, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Franz Ferdinand, The Kaiser Chiefs, all ‘Landfill Indie’ such as The Wombats, Scouting for Girls, The Thrills, pretty much all R ‘n’ B and Urban acts, Celine Dion, Maria Carey and their ilk, pretty much all heavy metal, pretty much all hard core dance music.

I’m not expecting you to agree with me on all those likes and dislikes, and it would be pretty boring if you did!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. dad says:

    Well done son! Spotify is fantastic – guess what I found that song I was looking for and have now been able to identify it on itunes.
    The Itunes site is much, much, slower than Spotify and obviously not as sensitive.

  2. garethcook says:

    Cheers Dad! Glad you have taken the plunge – you can now vote in my Spotify poll and thank me for the recommendation!

    The reason it’s so much quicker is that Spotify just streams the music via your Internet connection whereas with itunes you are downloading the file.

    Happy listening!

  3. The Shirt says:

    Did you mean R&B or R’n’B, or both?

  4. garethcook says:

    Very good question, The Shirt – and I hadn’t thought of that before.

    I meant R’n’B – all that urban nonsense – I got no beef with R & B in its original form, innit.

    And nice to have you on board.

  5. The Shirt says:

    Good to be aboard, though as you can see by the date, I’m hardly going to be the most prolific or regular contributor to your site!

    Sticky says: No Indigo Girls? But glad to see there’s no Katie ‘throw the CD down the stairs’ Melua!! I knew you’d come round! x

    Just to clarify the ‘x’ is from Sticky. The most you could expect from me is a bloke hug with a friendly pat on the back :o)

  6. Ems D says:

    Gareth-you’ve given no opinion on either Elvis Presley nor Dolly Parton – As such I have to seriously consider if I can read this blog!

    • garethcook says:

      Dearest Emily, I’m afraid that if I gave my opinion of either of them then you certainly wouldn’t be reading this blog!

      I respect the rights of everyone to have their own musical taste, even Nic with her strange preference for pop pap such as Steps, but my remit here is to celebrate the music I like and denigrate the stuff I don’t. I haven’t done much of the latter yet, cos I’m too nice, but you have reminded me that my ‘Avoid like the Plague’ list could do with some updating!

      Nice to have you on board, even if it proves only temporary….

  7. Eddie V says:


    Have you listened to Bon Iver?!
    -You might like them.

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