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A great band beginning with ….

This is going to be one of the regular features of this blog. It was inspired by a game I started at work recently when my colleagues pleaded for some brief respite during a dull dark Monday afternoon in the office. You start with the name of a band or artist and then the next person has to name one that begins with the last letter of yours. And so on. Until you get bored, or in our case until we resumed work, almost immediately of course.

If our experience of playing it is anything to go by, you’d be advised to brush up on your bands beginning with ‘s’, ‘n’, ‘o’ and ‘y’ which tended to crop up the most often, or prove the most challenging.

The last time I played that game was at school, and we have become a lot more used to the alphabetical categorisation of music since those long gone days thanks to the ubiquitous ipod and good old fashioned OCD.

So, in honour of all those poor souls enslaved to arranging their CD or vinyl collections in strict alphabetical order I will attempt to write an article extolling the virtues of a great band beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

However, I refuse to cheat and I won’t feature a band just to make up the letters as it were. I won’t be feigning a love of XTC just because it’s got challenging. On the other hand, some letters will require more soul searching than others as I have to make a decision between an embarrassment of riches.

Heading off pedants at the pass, I’d like to emphasise that I’ll be using the same alphabetical ordering system as itunes, which means you ignore the word ‘The’ in band names, and artists are ordered by first name, not surname. It may seem confusing at first, but if you have an ipod you are probably accustomed to it now, or have just realised why you can never find the band you want to!

One other rule is I will try and include as many bands I’ve discovered recently as possible, to increase my chances of passing on a useful recommendation or endorsing some of your recent favourites too.

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