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Random Album Artwork Generator

Album cover art is worth a short series of its own: best ever, worst ever, how often do you buy an album just because of the cover or avoid purchase because it scares, repulses or baffles you etc etc.

However, for now here’s a neat game we can all play which apparently started as a viral meme on Facebook, but which I discovered on the Guardian Music Blog.

There are five quick steps to producing your unique album cover:

  1. Choose your band name by using the title of a randomly generated Wikipedia article
  2. Get your album title from the last four or five words from the last quote on a page of random quotations
  3. Get your album cover art from the image thrown up by this flickr tool that generates random images without copyright restrictions
  4. Put the finishing touches together using Photoshop, Paint or your favourite graphics package to transform your band logo, album title and image into one stunning and unique album cover
  5. Post the results into the comments of the flickr photo and Bob Dylan’s your uncle!

You can then have even more fun by creating your own fake band biography, blog or fictional album review. Hours of fun, and even better if you’re just starting up a band or looking to undergo a change of name …

I haven’t had a go myself yet but hope to be able to persuade my good friend Gemma who’s a web guru to help me fashion a masterpiece using Photoshop. In the meantime, here are a few efforts from Guardian Music Blog readers, and I would love to receive any of your collector’s items via the comments page. Alternatively, this blog now has a Facebook group so feel free to join that and share your album covers with a wider audience.

Have fun!

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