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Record Store Day – Saturday 18 April

After writing yesterday about how much fun it is hunting for rare and long lost music in record stores, I was quite surprised to read today that it’s Record Store Day this coming Saturday, 18 April. I wasn’t aware of that at all when I wrote the article, but in the light of this news I feel obliged to give it a plug.

Apparently Record Store Day was founded in 2007 in the USA as a celebration of the unique culture around their independent record stores, of which there are over 700. Like many good traditions (and several bad ones) that started in the States, it has also migrated across the globe, and there are over 50 of the UK’s independent stores staging special events to mark the occasion.

What makes this year’s celebrations more significant though is that sadly the independent store is a dying breed. I was shocked to read that there are now only 305 left in the UK, down from 1,200 in 1994, and 2,200 in the mid-80’s. Apparently 540 independent record stores have closed in the UK in the past four years. One of these was my beloved local shop, Polar Bear, on the Cowley Road in Oxford where the staff were friendly as well as knowledgeable, and would happily buy your old CDs without sneering or ripping you off.

Record Store Day: they need our help!

They need our help!

It’s all very sad, but instead of hand-wringing and moping, let’s all get out there and support our local store (or the nearest one we can find) on 18 April and encourage our friends to do so too. Without stores like the one memorably depicted in High Fidelity there would be no thrill of the chase in tracking down rare records, and many of us would have grown up without properly developing our musical tastes.

If I hadn’t have had the chance to listen to ‘So Tonight That I Might See’ by Mazzy Star in Coventry’s Spinadisc many years ago I would have missed out on one of my favourite albums and my love of indie music may never have properly flourished.

Spread the word, and support your local store on Saturday and beyond!

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What does your life sound like?

I’ve recently returned from a very enjoyable week’s holiday in a cottage in Brittany (I missed you too) and discovered an interesting note left for me on Facebook by a friend with impeccable (and eclectic) musical taste.

Apologies if you’ve already come across this little game, but although most of these FB quizzes suck (as Sarah rightly suggested) this one proved quite diverting and worth the four minutes or so it takes to complete.

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

An intriguing premise for sure, and the rules are as follows:

  1. Open your library (itunes, ipod, Media Player etc)
  2. Put it on shuffle (very important!)
  3. Press play
  4. For every one of the ‘stages of life’ below, type the name of the song that’s playing
  5. When you go to the next ‘stage’, press the ‘next’ button
  6. Don’t lie in order to pretend you’re cool.
  7. Read through and be amused (or bemused) by the results
  8. Do the exercise again, picking the songs you would have preferred to turn up!

I’ve added the last couple of steps myself, (7) to replace the directive to pass it on to friends (in case you don’t want to!) and (8) to give you the chance to redeem yourself if the original answers turned out too embarrassing or just plain weird.

It’s your life, after all!

The movie soundtrack of my life is …..

The stages of life are listed below (in bold) together with my answers. I didn’t cheat, and got some interesting results …

Opening credits Connection – Elastica

Waking up Super-connected – Belly

First day of School Go Karts – The Bees

Falling in Love Easy Skanking – Bob Marley

Fight Song Up All Night – The Young Knives

Breaking Up Little Bear – Guillemots

Prom Why? – Tracy Chapman

Life Dolphins – Beth Orton

Mental Breakdown Look Up – Zero 7

Driving So Tonight That I Might See – Mazzy Star

Flashback I Love You – The Bees

Funeral Song Race For The Prize – The Flaming Lips

End credits

Song 1: The Fear by Travis; cross-fade into song 2: Radio Ga Ga by Frank Sidebottom

A strange mix, but not a bad soundtrack really. I was particularly impressed by the uncanny segue from the opening credits to the wake up song, and mightily pleased that the end credits finished with Frank Sidebottom’s mercurial take on Radio Ga Ga. Thank you.

How does your life sound?

What about you? Have a go and see how your soundtrack shapes up.

I’d be very interested to see your results – feel free to post as a comment below or write it on the wall of the Facebook group for this blog.

I’ll add my ‘Fantasy Soundtrack’ answers – see step 8 – in due course when I’ve had a bit more time to mull it over.

In the meantime, enjoy selecting the movie soundtrack of your life ……

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