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That difficult first post that’s even more difficult than the difficult second album

This is the tricky bit. All those great ideas and high hopes for a new blog – you successfully overcome all the hurdles and set it up and then you actually have to write something to announce your presence in the blogosphere. How do you hit the right note, and make the necessary impact?

Guess it must be a bit like how you choose what’s track one on your new album.

Let’s ditch the opening thirty second atmospheric guitar solo and get straight to the point.

Simply put, this is a blog about music by a writer who is very passionate about the music he likes and very dismissive of the music he doesn’t. I don’t set out to be intolerant and I am certainly not set in my ways. I intend to write as much about new music as anything else. I just have standards, I know what I like and won’t waste time listening to anything that doesn’t hit the mark.

I don’t expect you to always agree with me, but if you find what I have to say interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking, and if along the way I can introduce you to some bands or songs you like that you might not otherwise have heard, without sounding like a pompous ass, then I’ll have done my job.

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